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About Us

The primary focus at AAA Vacuum Systems Inc. is quality installation and customer satisfaction.


Central Vacuum Systems are increasing in popularity surpassing portable vacuum cleaners in sales as consumers are becoming educated of the benefits.

Advantages of a healthier environment, increased home value and unbeatable pricing are only some of the benefits leading consumers to the installation of a Central Vacuum System.

A Central Vac is a practical, efficient and cost effective solution to cleaning your home. Central Vacuum Systems utilize pipes in the walls much like the plumbing of a home. The sole purpose of these pipes is to carry dirt, dust and debris to an out of the way receptacle. A Central Vacuum Cleaner effectively eliminates the recirculation of dust and polluted air.

Inlets are placed in strategically convenient locations in your home. These inlets are connected to tubing in your walls which leads to your central power unit where debris is collected. The main power unit for the Central Vac is placed in a permanent, out of the way location such as your garage, basement or utility room.

Many people don’t realize the cost for a Central Vacuum System is less than a high end portable vacuum cleaner. Science has proven that instances of allergies and respiratory disorders are decreased by eliminating the re-circulation of dirty air from a portable vac.

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