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Accessories for your Central Vacuum Cleaner are what truly determine the efficiency of your system as a cleaning tool.


Central Vacuum Systems require a Hose to operate. At AAA Vacuum Systems included with each Central Vacuum is a 30 – 35FT kink-free hose to ensure the longevity and quality of your system.



Hose covers are not required but recommended. Covers provide additional protection for your furniture and home. We offer machine washable, quilted hose covers in a variety of colours to suit your home furnishings and décor.


Hose Hangers

Hangers are an inexpensive and convenient way to store your central vacuum hose. Proper storage of any item ensures longevity.



A Retractable Hose eliminates the need for storing your hose. These Hoses are cleverly stored inside of your walls. Simply open the outlet, pull out the length required for usage. When finished using the Hose simply retract it back into the outlet out of sight. Hugely convenient, Retractable Hoses are becoming very popular for use in mudrooms, bathrooms and garages.



Powerheads come with two options of switches for convenient operation.

  1. 3-WAY–includes- a switch that turns off the Central Vacuum Unit on/off

-a switch that turns off the Powerhead on/off

2. 2-Way -does not turn off the main unit, only the Powerhead

-the hose must be unplugged from the wall inlet each and every time



For areas with wall to wall carpeting an Electic Powerhead is an ideal and effective way to clean your carpets. Dirt has the tendency to sink deep into carpets rather than the idea that it just sits on the surface.

Driven by their own motor Electric Powerheads aggressively agitate carpets maximizing cleanliness. Dirt, sand, dust, pollen, hair, etc. is thoroughly removed when carpet fibers are combed through the use of high agitation. When, through the use of a motor ,the brush on an Electric Powerhead rotates at a very high RPM the ability to perform to higher standards is heightened.

Better cleaning, quieter operation, highly recommended.



If the area to be vacuumed is slightly carpeted with mostly hardwood or tile floors it is best suited for vacuuming with a Turbine Floor Brush. Powered by the airflow from the main power unit this Powerhead is air driven with the ability to pick up surface dirt and dust. Air Turbine Powerheads can be used for carpet however is more ideally suited for vacuuming over solid floors such as hardwood, tile, etc.

Advantages of an Air Turbine Powerbrush are lower pricing and easier maintenance. Although a Turbine Brush may not clean as thoroughly as an Electric Powerhead they still provide an adequate means of cleaning your carpets.



Mop Heads are ideal for vacuuming over smooth, hard surfaces adequately collecting dust while debris is sucked into the main Central Vacuum Unit.

A combination of a dry mop duster, a broom and a vacuum cleaner the Mop Head is a sure way to a cleaner home. Mop Heads have the ability to clean under furniture and around corners. When done with use simply vacuum the Mop Head to remove dust or simply un-velcro the cloth from the base and throw into the washing machine.

Collects dust while vacuuming debris



Designed exclusively for Central Vacuum Systems this accessory mounts onto the base of cabinets or walls at floor level providing the suction power of the system to pick up dirt and debris. After sweeping simply brush debris towards the Inlet Valve for convenient pick up. Eliminate the need for dustpans and the need for bending or stooping to pick up debris. Sweep Inlet Valves are extremely popular in high traffic areas such as garages, kitchens and workshops.

Valves are situated in areas with linoleum, laminate, hardwood or tile floors.

Commercial use -ideal for retail stores, hair salons, workshops with sweepable areas.

Residential use -ideal for kitchen, bathes, laundry, mudroom and other areas with smooth flooring.

Colors: white, black, almond, stainless steel



Attachment kits are available for hard to clean areas such as the crevices of a keyboard, sewing machine, household vents, window rails, etc. With the use of attachments, that simply fit on to the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner hose, you can eliminate harmful dust from your environment. Kits include attachments with small and large brushes, even blowers for hard to reach areas.


For more information on our Accessories or Vacuum Cleaners schedule a free consultation and let our representative show you what options are available.