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Most consumers are not aware they are paying more for a high end portable vacuum than they would for a powerful and convenient custom built in Central Vacuum System. AAA Vacuum System Inc. offers free consultations simply call us and book an appointment.



Central Vacuum Systems utilize outlets specifically placed in locations ideal and convenient for the sole purpose of vacuuming. The convenience of working only with a lightweight hose is incomparable. A hose is easier to handle than a heavy base unit suddenly vacuuming stairs and vehicles becomes easy. Long term dragging a portable vacuum cleaner starts to wear on your home through the constant bumping and banging against walls, furniture, doors and baseboards. Central Vacuum Cleaners are proven convenience and extend the longevity of your home.



Your main power unit for the Central Vac will be located in an out of the way location such as your garage, basement or utility room. Having your receptacle out of the way also promotes noise reduction opposed to a portable vacuum which is always by your side. Having your main power unit in a strategic out of the way location reduces the amount of noise you hear from the suction and/or motor.



Are you considering if a Central Vac can really create a healthier environment?

The answer is a definite and definitive yes. Individuals suffering from allergies notice a reduction in their symptoms after owning a Central Vacuum System and this fact has been proven by science.

Dust, composed of dustmites, contains particles of skin cells, animal dander, hair, minerals from outdoor soil, textile and paper fibers. Dustmites are major cause of allergies, are microscopic member of the spider family. These little bugs are found in carpets and upholstery feeding on flecks of skin are constantly multiplying.

A portable vacuum will draw the microscopic dust out of your carpet, filter it through its base and push it back into the air. Once airborne it may take anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours for dust to settle. When a human inhales or breathes in these airborne enzymes it goes into our lungs and straight into our blood stream killing cells in our body.

A Central Vacuum is not only 3-5 times more powerful but it also eliminates recirculation of dust back into your living space.



Central Vacuum Systems, with motors more powerful than a portable vacuum cleaner, provide deep cleaning of your upholstery, carpets and drapes. The powerful motor on your Central Vac will go deep into your carpets to pick up allergens such as dust, skin cells, pet dander and other unwanted filth improving health by providing a healthier, cleaner environment.



A Central Vac System is a definite feature in any home. Just as a Security Alarm System will increase the value of your home so will a Central Vacuum System. With systems built to last and powerful deep cleaning motors a Central Vacuum is a true investment in a healthier future and cleaner home.


Call AAA Vacuum Systems Inc. today and learn more about our services.