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Residential & Commercial Security

At A-1 ALARM SYSTEMS INC. we custom build our security systems for commercial businesses, residential home owners and renters.
Alarms are constantly auto tested to ensure there is a signal from the sensors to the main control panel to the A-1 Alarm Control Center. Each system is customized to your needs, concerns and lifestyle.
In the event of an emergency a signal is sent to the A-1 Monitoring Control Centre where proper authorities will be notified and emergency personnel will be dispatched immediately.

At A-1 ALARM SYSTEMS INC. we want you to be aware of all the security options that are available to you. We will install a custom built system to ensuring accuracy based on your specific needs and necessities
Another added benefit to your security is an increase in property value and lower insurance rates/reductions.
Our residential and commercial security systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A-1 Alarms Systems Inc is dedicated to ensuring safety and peace of mind for your family, employees and you.
There’s no price on safety.

Wired Systems

With wired alarm systems components such as the sensors and the main control panel are connected to each other by hard wiring.
Your alarm system will be custom built. You will have the option of many state of the art advancements and security options.
Wired system offer proven reliability while increasing the value of your home and/or business.


Ideal for renters wireless systems require minimum drilling during installation. They can be installed even if a home telephone line is not available. Wireless systems can be taken apart and moved with you in the event of relocation.



In the 1850’s the first alarm system
was built by Edwin Holmes
in crime ridden New York City.
At that time alarm systems were
built to sound in the event a
door or a window opened.