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Security Options

  • HARD WIRED SYSTEMS ideal for homes and business offer security protection from burgulars and instruders.
  • WIRELESS SYSTEMS are ideal for renters this system is installed with minimal drilling required.
  • VIDEO MONITORING can installed in home or office entry points, driveways or parking areas is added safety for our consumer.
  • INTERNET MONITORING can be utilized with your video surveillance to effectively monitor your property from any location.
  • TELEPHONE BACK-UP is available in the event our consumer does not have a home line service can be set up through your cell phone.
  • MOTION DETECTORS will detect even the slightest movements inside the protected areas your home or business. We offer pet immunity to prevent your household animal from trigging your alarm.
  • SMOKE DECTECTORS are installed for your protection in the event of a fire your alarm will be triggered potentially saving lives.
  • CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS will protect you from the lethal colourless, odorless and tasteless gas lighter than air also known as the silent killer.
  • HEAT SENSORS are an option available to our consumer to alert occupants of a potentially hazardous situation.
  • WATER SENSORS can prevent costly damage from a water leak or flooding in your home, business and cottage.
  • FREEZE SENSORS protect your home, business or cabin from frozen pipes averting costly damage to your investment.
  • GLASS BREAK SENSORS detect glass breakage and instantly notifies your control panel of an intruder.
  • PASSIVE INFRARED SENSORS detect infared energy generated by both humans and animals this sensor is a good security measure for business and home owners.
  • OUTSIDE SIREN will sound in the event your alarm is triggered, authorities will be notified and a large siren will sound deterring intruders while alerting neighbors and businesses.
  • PANIC BUTTONS are installed in the location of your convenience instantly triggers your alarm in the event of an emergency.