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Questions & Answers


Q - I am currently with another alarm company is transferring to A-1 ALARM SYSTEMS INC. an option?

Yes!! You deserve the best. Call our A-1 specialist for a free consultation and information on better protection.

Q - Can I trigger my own alarm by opening a window or waking up during the night?

Yes! If your alarm system is installed amateur installers these are very real risk. Call A-1 Alarm System and have your alarm installed right the first time.

Q - I do not have a telephone line and have no desire to obtain one. Can A-1 Alarm System Inc. offer me protection even without a landline?

Yes!! For your convenience we will tailor your alarm system to receive signal through your cell phone. Traditionally home and business alarm systems are set up to work through a landline. With advancements your home or business through your cell phone and/or internet video surveillance.

Q - I have a cat and a dog, I am concerned if I purchase an alarm system my pet will consistently trigger my alarm. Is an alarm system an option?

Yes!! You are eligible for an alarm even with a pet. Our security systems are customized to suit your needs. If you have a pet you are still entitled to personal security. With advancements in technology and properly installed equipment your pet will not trigger your alarm.

Q - If my home is equipped with a wireless system. Can I take it with me if I move?

Yes!! In the event of a move your wireless alarm system can be dismantled and relocated additional parts may or may not be needed to fully equip and secure a new location.

Q - In the event of a power outage will my home be protected?

Yes!! A-1 ALARM SYSTEMS INC. installs systems with back-up batteries. Superior protection is our priority.

Q - I am renter although home security is important to me, is it an option?

Yes!! You are entitled to home safety and security. All of our systems are custom designed to each customer’s individual needs. Please contact us for a free consultation.